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Self-Paced Self-Study Program - glasses and paper

30 Articles in Just 30 Days has become a community of writers.  The members of our physically far-flung community have participated in one or more of the live tele-workshop events and/or the self-study program.

The support and collaboration that have resulted from community members’ interactions has been powerful..


About the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Creator and Facilitator, Meggin McIntosh:

Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D., known as “The PhD of Productivity®,” was a teacher, graduate student, university professor, and is now a business owner. Meggin says,

Meggin McIntosh, PhD

“Throughout my career, it’s been important for me to write and share knowledge and experiences with an audience around the globe.  As a professor, I wrote scores of articles for refereed journals, several books and book chapters, as well as the other academic writing expected of someone moving from assistant to associate to full professor.

Once I started my own business, the writing focus changed.  Weekly, it’s important for me to write for clients, workshop attendees, as well as short pieces for various blogs.  Given the versatility and reach of the internet, one way I’m now able to create and share content is via short (500 – 1500+ word) articles.  This current collection of writing includes well over 800 articles at this point, which have subsequently been re-published throughout cyberspace.

This has resulted in being able to serve people in myriad ways and also connecting with a multitude of folks for workshops, teleseminars, and other working relationships.”

To learn more about Meggin and her work, just explore this website – or peruse her curriculum vitae (for a really fun read…).

Are you a professsor?  Do you want to know if this class is for you?  To find out click here!

“The desire to write grows with writing.”

~ Desiderius Erasmus

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