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The intention of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. is to support bright people who want to sustain peaceful, predictable productivity – thereby increasing their personal and professional emphasis on excellence.

Additional resources to support you include:

I Want to Be Just Whelmed When you are overwhelmed you often feel angry, resentful, and powerless. If you are tired of being tired and you are ready to re-energize both personally and professionally then the Just Whelmed “Wee” Workshop Program is ready to be delivered right to you!

Staying Positive in a Freaked-Out World. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Receive weekly doses of positivity. You will learn positive practices you can integrate at home or in the office the very day you learn them.

Get a Plan! Guide® Series. Check out the newest Get a Plan! Guide®. This series will give you the ideas and inspiration to do your work easier, faster, and in a more focused fashion.

Keeping Chaos at Bay. Chaos is part of essentially everyone’s lives these days and it’s how we handle it that determines how productive we are. Sign up to receive free weekly tips that will increase your productivity and sense of control.

Top Ten Productivity Tips. Start spending your days, weeks, and months more productively. At least one of the weekly Top Ten Productivity Tips will increase your productivity and you will notice the difference. That’s a promise!

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