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“The way I see it, every one of us in the writing business starts off with precisely the same tools, the 26 letters of the alphabet.  All we can do is try to arrange those 26 letters in a different way than anyone else has before.”
~Bob Greene

Tele-workshop Event:

If you want to learn some ways to arrange those 26 letters into articles, then join us for the upcoming special event on Friday, June 06, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. – noon/Pacific.

Register NOW for the June 06, 2014 class!

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Follow-up Opportunities:

All previous participants in the 30 Articles classes and the self-study version are invited to attend the follow-up opportunities we have throughout the year.  Each time one is scheduled, you’ll get an email to let you know the specific date, time, and call-in information.

I had been thinking of writing a book about taking the busyness out of business to be more productive and reduce stress for quite some time and never seemed to schedule time to do it. Just the thought was overwhelming. Then I took the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days course which taught me how to stop procrastinating and start writing. We learned so many tips, tools, and resources to think and write creatively.

My insight was to scale down my project from a book to a booklet, which is now published to great reviews. That would never have happened without taking this course. I am now starting my next writing project—expanding that booklet into a book that doesn’t feel overwhelming at all!

I highly recommend this course—a great teacher and a generously-filled toolbox for all your writing goals.

Chris Sier, Executive Potential Plus

Meggin & Gini,

I just finished my story, “What I Knew About Frank Was Roses…”  I’ve been working on it for a few  months, but I worked on it seriously since the last articles class.  I am so happy to have completed it.  I learn so much each time.  For example:

  • The key thing is I discovered a theme I value and love to write about – the great impact we make on one another’s lives with the simplest of actions.
  • I am learning to understate profundity, so the reader feels the impact. I am learning to give the tip of the iceberg, so the reader can feel what’s under the surface.
  • I am thankful for having read Olive Kittridge by Elizabeth Stout a year or so ago.  Her way of understating deep emotion impacted me. What I felt as I read her work is reflected in my current writing.
  • I’ve learned I “write pictures.”  I see things in my mind and write that.  I don’t see words – it’s like a movie plays in my mind and I describe it with the words that come as I type.
  • When I’m in the flow, I don’t think about editing. It comes out 90% edited as I write it down.

This was an emotional, cathartic exercise for me.  My house was robbed a few weeks ago and I have been afraid in my neighborhood and in this house I have loved for 22 years.  Writing this story is healing that.  I remember the essence of my neighborhood and what there is to love here.  The neighbors change but the ability to connect and make an impact, through simple actions, is ever present.

Thank you Meggin and all of my fellow writers.  I am thankful for the model we have for contexting one another.  That leads to so much blessed personal and collective expansion!

Rhonda LaFountaine

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